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According to LinkedIn Learning, the average employee only has 24 minutes a week to spare for formal learning. 🤯

This time restriction has led to a shift in corporate training towards learning in the flow of work, providing learners with exactly the information they need on demand to help them to meet an immediate need.

Whitepaper: Learning in the flow of work

Read our guide on how L&D leaders can engage employees so that they don’t see learning as an interruption.

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What does learning in the flow of work look like in practice?

At Rise Up we have collaborated with Microsoft Teams to create an app that sits on desktop or mobile within Teams, enabling employees to easily access learning resources throughout their working day.

We found that, by implementing learning into the Microsoft Teams app, our customers experienced an increase of more than 42% in ACTIVE learners.

Want to give it a try ?

If you want to know more about our learning in the flow of work practical solution with Microsoft Teams, book a demo and see how the system could be embedded into your teams’ way of working.

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