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The nature of work has changed. More than ever, employees want flexible working hours, the possibility to telecommute and a say in the tools used for work.

Even though enabling employee choice may seem like a challenge, it’s a riddle worth solving. When you do invest in employee choice, you’ll shortly notice that the quality and effectiveness of their work experience enhances, and they’ll feel happier, more valuable and are more likely to stay at your company.

To help you get started, mobco and Orange organize The Empowered Employee on 24 May, a free business event on employee experience in the modern workplace. The event kicks of at 10 AM. The end is foreseen at 2 PM.

What will be covered?

  • Why to invest in employee choice and the ingredients of an excellent employee experience
  • The latest trends in flexible remuneration
  • How to deal with the challenging polarity between business and human capital in these extraordinary times
  • The IT complexity of enabling employee choice and how to cope with it
Are you ready to drive off together towards an outstanding employee experience? Our Polestar test vehicle is awaiting you!

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